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USPS Postal Service Insurance Maximums Changing / Going Down Lowered

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  • USPS Postal Service Insurance Maximums Changing / Going Down Lowered

    Lately, from the U.S. the maximum amount of insurance on packages sent via USPS to many European countries has dropped to $650. unless shipped with the very expensive Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG) service.

    $650. isn't much! if you are selling high end items.

    What is bizarre is that the USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail insurance maximum for other countries such as many in the Middle East, South America or Africa are still at $5000. What's so risky about shipping to France?

    Tip: On heavier packages (around 10 pounds or more), you will find that the total cost to ship an item insured for higher amounts, such as say $2000. insurance, from the U.S. to overseas is LESS with Express Mail than Priority. Why? Because the cost of insurance is so much higher with Priority Packages versus Express Mail, that even the higher postage costs from Express Mail result in an over all lower price paid.

    So, if you're going to ship a heavier, expensive item overseas, use USPS Express Mail insured, not Priority.
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