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Ebay rarely if ever contacts you by mail - only by email and telephone

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  • Ebay rarely if ever contacts you by mail - only by email and telephone

    The question came up during one of my tech supports of whether Ebay would ever contact you via mail, such as related to a suspension / reinstatement appeal, or for any other reason. The answer is pretty much, no.

    The only time Ebay mails anything - and it doesn't always even mail that - are the Certificates to indicate entrance into Power Seller status. These certs are mailed out (if they are mailed out at all) by a department of Ebay that is not even connected to Trust & Safety (which handles Ebay suspensions / reinstatements), so you could be suspended wiped out gone one week, and a month later receive a pointless congratulations for achieving power seller status.

    But in any case, Ebay contacts us regarding our accounts via email or telephone, not regular mail. In fact, email is pretty much the only way they contact you about anything important, and the phone is used mostly just for marketing type calls where they want to tell you some useless but in their words "new and exciting" ways to use your Ebay account.

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    PayPal however does send out mail sometimes, and it's a bit unpredictable. They have section on the letter which instructs the recipient at the address to contact them if the addressee doesn't live there or if they didn't know about the PayPal account - many people don't bother to do this, but from my experience when they do it results in instant limitation.


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      But I would say only 10-20% of PP accounts have a letter sent out that you didn't request.