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EBay Accuses Amazon of Illegally Poaching Sellers

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  • EBay Accuses Amazon of Illegally Poaching Sellers

    EBay Accuses Amazon of Illegally Poaching Sellers

    There is some poaching afoot, as eBay accuses Amazon of luring away its sellers.

    EBay investigated the matter after a seller alerted the company about 10 days ago of someone using the messaging system on eBay’s site to convince this seller to move to Amazon.

    Looks like eBay sellers aren't the only ones to receive cease and desist letters. Ebay is receiving one itself, from Amazon!
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    Out of all the companies that Ebay could have chosen to try and sue/intimidate they choose one that not only knows their industry better than they do, but is exponentially larger than Ebay and this time Ebay is going to have the tables turned on them when it comes to being outspent and eventually out-waited by the competition. Ebay must be so desperate for any kind of publicity during the 4th quarter they figure this is about the cheapest way to get attention., Since the attorneys' are on staff or I am sure they are using the cheapest ones on staff at the outside firm to just continue to file motions, this is probably cheaper than paying for the useless advertising they have on television. I just saw the most recent one showing during some off the wall show and featured SEC football and the finishing touch was once again fill your cart with colors.

    What a waste of my former 10% TRS+ discount and whatever other money they spent on it. Couldn't have been more than one month of my fees or they got completely ripped off as the commercial ws completely forgettable.
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