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Ebay account creation in 2012, and beyond

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  • Ebay account creation in 2012, and beyond

    Much of what you see posted on this forum, and of course in the older versions of the short list, remain true.

    Basics to avoiding Suspension / Linking when you create a new EBAY / PayPal account - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited

    but there are some very important nuances now, especially in the U.S. given the IRS reporting requirements for credit card processors where over $20,000. and 200 transactions are processed in a year. Even if you are careful to stay under these thresholds, there are certain new techniques you must employ to stay under the radar.

    What is good though is that Ebay is slightly more desperate than it was a few years ago for new accounts. It needs to show growth to stockholders! What is bad, especially for those of you selling VERO items, is that Ebay's (and also PayPal's) level of cooperation not just with law enforcement (nothing new) but also its cooperation with RETAILERS (again, not necessarily new, the policy was announced in March 2010)
    FBI: Woodburn man made $10,000 a month shoplifting and selling items on eBay |
    extends not just to stolen property but VERO (i.e. suspected counterfeit) items.

    So, tech support for all these matters is more vital than ever, especially if you sell VERO items, but just plain if you want to stay on Ebay and PayPal and not get kicked off! these days.
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