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Account suspension - I followed all Ebay's requests and STILL suspended

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  • Account suspension - I followed all Ebay's requests and STILL suspended

    It is been about 7 month, I received a message from ebay telling me that my account was indefinitely restricted to sell.

    Here is the story.

    1. Ebay store was opened in 2002 under my name and bank account
    2. In 2008 after having had 1000 positive feedbacks we changed the business name, name of owner and bank account.
    3. In 2012, we changed it to another name, and ebay didnt authorize us because they said we couldnt change the name of the owner, so we went back to the first name in 2002.
    4. One of the product that I was selling was counterfeit without me knowing, I got a small lawsuit from the manufacturer of the product, which I was able to resolve because I was able to prove that with all my good consent I really thought that they were real.
    5. I had a selling restriction , and the person who had his name on the store in 2008 had also his account closed indefinitely.

    I followed all the instruction, that they asked provided all the papers that they needed but it seems no matter what I did they were going to leave it unrestricted. Please let me know what to do , I need my ebay back because this was almost my only source of revenue and the other person wants to sue me because he thinks its because of me that his account is restricted.

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    any help ?


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      You did all the wrong things by obeying Ebay's requests before taking certain critical steps. Contact me for tech support.
      Please read the forum rules before you post.

      And if you need extra help:
      Modee Tech Support