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Ebay account indefinitely suspended - may I use my brother's Ebay now?

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  • Ebay account indefinitely suspended - may I use my brother's Ebay now?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a small Ebay problem I need some help solving.

    I got account registered a few years ago that I started using for selling some time back. I listed 10 items(internationally), but didn't read the part that I can't use an automated software the first 90 days and got permanently suspended.

    I'm planning on starting a limited company in the UK and using that for Ebay too. I'll register a business account with the company. The company director will be my brother. He already has an account outside the UK and he has logged in to this account from the same computer the suspended account was used on. A different company, a different address, a different bank account, different country, different everything. The only "match" would be the same last name and DOB. His isn't suspended . What do you think, could this work ? His account is a buyer's account, it has been used to list an auction only once on a different ebay site but it didn't sell at all so I don't know if his account is even considered a seller account.

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    You may never open any EBay accounts using any of the same personal information.

    If I understand you correctly, this other account does not include any of your own personal identifying information. Rather, it was created using your brother's information, which - I assume is your twin since he shares your dob. So, obviously this account was not created by the same person.

    However, since I suspect that you will sell the same items as before - that is one major linking factor with your old suspended account, and another will be the same last name. Another linking factor is that these accounts shared login with the same IP address.

    Those factors are more than enough to ensure this account's doom if you use it to sell the same sort of items, especially if these items are unique. You will probably be okay if you sell completely different types of merchandise, and are careful to never use the same IP address as you used with the suspended account.

    I am not sure what you mean by automated software. If you mean a listing service such as Auctiva, you would not be suspended merely for doing that.
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      Hi there, thanks for the reply . This is why we decided to try with the UK company we are opening anyway for different purposes. We don't have the same DOB.
      We will have:

      Completely different country, different IP addresses. No link here
      Different bank account, different paypal address
      Registration as a UK business, not as an individual
      We're selling in a very very wide category - auto parts
      The only link would be the name I guess. I don't know if ebay asks for a DOB if you register for a business account.
      If they ask for documents I'll just throw then in the UK drivers license - no link possible here

      Do you think it's a time bomb ? For some additional money I'll just appoint another person as a director, but I kinda want to avoid that.


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        Well, you wrote "The only 'match' would be the same last name and DOB" and now you say different dob.

        Anyway, I have already analyzed the situation above. You stated that you will be using an existing account already created by your brother, or that you will use an account that your brother will create (which will obviously be linked to the other account he created, which in turn, as noted, is linked to yours).

        If you are thinking about creating a new account, you will need tech support and the Short List to understand the full range of linking factors.
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
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          Thanks, I think that I wasnt very clear in my above post, I've already PMed you the full situation and looking forward to tech support.