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Help ebay stole my money! through Buyer Protection dispute Please Help!

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  • Help ebay stole my money! through Buyer Protection dispute Please Help!

    Here's what happened:

    I got suspended after selling my items and them getting delivered. One guy opened a case saying he didn't like the item so I said he could return it for a refund. He never returned the item or responded back. Ebay closed the case saying it was policy since my account was suspended even though the item was never returned. This caused me to overdraft so now I'm screwed.

    What legal action do I have? I'd like to sue them. Please help I'm so pissed.

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    Suing EBay for what I assume is such a small amount (under $1000.) isn't a viable option. Even suing them for $10,000. isn't viable unless you know what you are doing and handle everything yourself. Ebay and PayPal as well generally do not allow you to sue in court (read your terms of service!) and compel arbitration for which you must pay 1/2 the costs (costs average a few thousand dollars, plus your travel expenses to travel to where THEY have forum selected in advance the location where the arbitration will take place - which is going to be in San Jose, CA of course) and then hope you win.

    That said - you might be able to get your account back, or take action through other means that will not cost you anything, other than the cost of tech support with me.
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    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support