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Just Got Indefinite Selling Restriction from ebay. I need help please Modee

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  • Just Got Indefinite Selling Restriction from ebay. I need help please Modee

    Hi, Modee,
    My name is Candice and I was been in ebay business since 2003.
    Yesterday I got a letter from ebay saying one of my account got selling restriction and its indefinite. I dont even know what did i do. and I called ebay asking for the reason, they said they cant provide me any reason but they will re-evaluate the account and get back to me within 24 hours. Today, I got another email saying Your account was suspended because it exhibits a risk to eBay and to its community. From time to time, we find accounts which have a risk that no longer justifies a continuing relationship with eBay. When that happens we suspend these accounts and they are no longer able to be used for buying or selling.For your account there is no appeal for this decision.

    Still, no specific reasons for me. Please help me. I really need this account restore back cuz all my business relied on ebay to sell and I need to pay rent for the warehouse and my employee. Help me!! What can i do at this point. And also I afraid other my ebay accounts will get affects too.

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    Ebay usually gives no reason for suspensions

    It is typical of EBay to suspend you and not tell you the real reason for the suspension. Often by reading between the lines we can figure out what happened and why, although more important than why is HOW to get the account back.

    One thing has been proven to me - is that Ebay's "final word" about suspensions that "may not be appealed" is often reversed. In other words, don't ever give up and keep trying to get your account back.
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