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Suspended, no way to solve the issue, Ebay says

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  • Suspended, no way to solve the issue, Ebay says

    Hi all, new to the forum.

    So, after an hour on the phone with Ebay, I'm awaiting a call back from a manager tomorrow. Here's what happened:

    Several months ago, I purchased several things with guest purchasing on Ebay under multiple emails which, as I later found out, created multiple accounts. Flash forward to today, and my account that I've had that's real and I'm now selling on gets suspended out of nowhere. 100% customer satisfaction, etc.

    The email reporting the suspension describes no reason for it. I call, and spend 30 minutes listening to "there's a security risk," "multiple accounts are allowed but not if we think it's a risk," and "you're trying to circumvent Ebay policy." He showed me the policy he was referring to, though he admitted that Ebay had no policy against multiple accounts. He was referring to the vague "Abuse of Ebay" section of the User Agreement.

    I asked if I could delete the old accounts which he said would "look risky and so was not possible." Then, the conversation became about how there was one account that was suspended that then suspended all other accounts, which didn't seem like the issue originally. He checked which account it was, and what the issue was, at my request, but then refused to tell me what the issue was after discovering it saying "if I told you what the issue was then you would know how to circumvent the suspension." What the hell? I don't want to circumvent it, I want to make it better.

    Any advice? Amazon is better and doesn't suspend me for having multiple accounts, and always answers my questions, but sometimes Ebay is useful. Also, does a suspended account mean anything with PayPal? I had three sales go through and the funds are sitting in PayPal, waiting to be disbursed. Is Ebay going to hold those somehow?

    Oh, and it was an MC999 message. It also sent the message three times to my current Ebay account; two were to old, guest accounts. That is weird and seems like a serious issue on their part.

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    All suspensions are "final" and "may not be appealed" but I help people get back their accounts all the time.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support