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  • Ebay account suspended

    Hello. I'm from DR. My ebay account was suspended.

    So I see this forum.

    This is the thing. I already change my address., I will open a new bank account, a new phone number, new email, new ip. I already clean the cookies.

    I'm a buyer person. I only use ebay for buy stuff.

    This is the point with the shipping address. Here in Dominican Republic. We use post office. The address is the same for everybody. The only different is the name and a number. Like x-3245.

    So I was using my address to buy stuff in ebay. Ok.

    My question. Can I change my name and the phone number in the old address, but the same number?

    Can I used the same PC but with a different ip?

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    The Short List gets into all that, but basically, you must use all new information.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support