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Suspended off Ebay. What are my options? Buy a new account? Forget about Ebay?

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  • Suspended off Ebay. What are my options? Buy a new account? Forget about Ebay?

    hi all.

    have been suspended by ebay recently even though have been trading on ebay since 2002 and with 100% feedback!

    anyway, was looking at buying a pre-paid ebay account, until it was pointed out by someone that even these accounts are not safe from closure by ebay, as their rules are evolving virtually every day!

    apparently many have already been closed down. and there are other problems with pre-paid accounts, such as whoever is selling them, whether here or elsewhere, that person has access to the account and could feasibly access it at any time.

    second, some of these pre-paid accounts require payment via western union, and we all know about the problems with using western union to send money....!

    and as for using pre-paid credit cards, IP hiding software, proxies--forget it!
    none of these work and ebay will track you down and close you down within a matter of weeks at the most.

    conclusion? well, i tend to agree with many past ebayers that the only thing to do is either create your own website and start from scratch again, and/or open an account with ebid, who at the moment are the best alternative to the thieves at ebay. and after all, customers helped ebay to get where it is, and it will be customers leaving in droves that will bring them down again.

    i have been on ebid since my kicking out from ebay last year, and ok, it is a little slow, but good thing is its coming up fast and is absolutely light years ahead of ebay in terms of fees and customer service.
    another ebidder even tells me that it is such a friendly community, they even send get well cards to each other if one is found to be ill etc.

    so all in all, its ebid for me, in tandem with my own website as well.
    and needless to tsay, i do not ever use paypal for my payments either -- nochex, pppay or google checkout everytime.

    just my opinion......

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    All of us on here were suspended "permanently" off Ebay, and yet - here we are, selling on Ebay daily, hourly! Creating new accounts via the Short List, or buying a pre-made account is a viable option. And of course depending on what you sell, certainly you could be suspended again, but try try again!
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    Although, I would agree that for some products it is important to create your own outlet via your own websites
    Your own WEBSITE and ONLINE MARKETING - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    in addition to Ebay, or to explore other auction options.
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      my view of ebay going along....

      i will say again -- there is no way any of the methods we all talk about will last for long when we try and get onto ebay again.

      whether its pre-paid ebay accounts, proxies, stealth, whatever -- ebay is now such a huge monster with revenues of over $50 billion, that it is said the software ebay are using and are planning to use, is the envy of some govts who are keen to use it themselves!

      so what chance do we have with ebay?

      and have you ever thought what if ebay are reading these forums? theyre not stupid you know -- i wouldnot be surprised if all the hints giuven out on here have already been taken notice of by ebay and they are probably working on countering them at this very moment.....!!!! think about it!

      in a nutshell, the only conclusion to selling again is this:

      open a website and slowly start to build up your business again, together with an account on ebid, which is fast becoming the only contender against ebay.

      and i can tell you from experience, that trading on ebid is great -- the customer service is fantastic and everyone is so helpful.

      granted its a bit slow, but at least all the users are happy there and not being screwed left right and centre as on ebay.

      my views only........................


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        I don't think you have spent much time reading this forum. For one thing, you posted the exact same thing twice, and thought your first post had been deleted. Nothing was deleted, but we did move your second post into this first thread you started.

        Also, the most sensitive and best information CANNOT be posted on the internet for obvious reasons – or else EBAY and PayPal will simply try to work around everything we do. Which is why we have tech support.
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          Originally posted by gungadin View Post
          theyre not stupid you know

          They are, in fact, quite stupid.


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            hmmm....ok, agreed they may be stupid, but whats stopping them buying one of your accounts and checking how it works, then putting in measures to stop that sort of action?

            as i have said, i cant see any way of beating them for long... they just have too much money at their disposal and can virtually create any kind of software they wish.

            much as i hate ebay for kicking me out, even though i wasnt doing anything wrong, aside of being very successful in selling my items, you just cant find the same sort of auction site that will sell your stuff quickly!

            ok, im with ebid, but it does take a little longer to make sales there -- as an example, on ebay i could shift roughly product worth £300 to £500 in a couple of days, whereas, on ebid it takes more like a month.
            but that will change in time, as ebid is coming up very fast (dont know if this is true, but i heard that pheebay allegedly have been thinking about bringing ebid servers down in order to gain an extra advantage...!).

            bit like the cold war, no?

            Originally posted by Dr.Yes View Post
            They are, in fact, quite stupid.


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              I'll sell accounts to any customer, if ebay wants one, I'll give them a corporate discount.

              The know how it works, they've probably bought tech support from Modee. Look man, it's like the coke machines broken, we're all getting free sodas, and we even laugh in the delivery mans face when he refills the machine.

              I'd love if they changed their practices so I wouldn't be forced to do what I do. I was kicked off years ago, for no reason. I'm not a crook, and I've never broken any laws. eBid.... they don't get the same traffic.

              It sounds like you need tech support.


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                Is it still possible to be reinstated on eBay?

                I was indefinitely suspended last week for low DSR's in communication. I traveled quite a bit this year and relied up on my employees to answer the email. Apparently they failed. I have had three separate accounts for the last 6 years and always have good feed back and decent DSR's. My total FB for the three accounts is in excess of 18,000. I sold over $1.4 million on eBay during this time. ( I suppose this holds no weight with eBay )

                I notice a few threads from folks on this forum stating they asked eBay to be reinstated. I do not notice any recent discussions about eBay's willingness to be reinstated. Is this still a possibility? Anyone have any thoughts?

                Thanks in advance!


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                  Not much has changed. In some respects, with Ebay more desperate to raise its earnings, it is easier to get reinstated today than a few years ago. I get people's Ebay accounts reinstated all the time.

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