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MC042: We've reinstated your account - if you pay your back fees

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  • MC042: We've reinstated your account - if you pay your back fees

    Ebay has been sending out these reinstatement letters to a LOT of suspended accounts. Too good to be true? Yes and No. After getting these reinstatement letters I went into several of these accounts to see if they were in fact back in action, and they were not. So, I e-mail eBay and they tell me that if I pay the past fees on the account ($150-250) the account would be reinstated. I thought there were bluffing so on an old powerseller (suspended) account I had 2 years ago that was suspended for vero I paid the balance off and the account was really reinstated within 6 HOURS. +200 feedback, 100% rating, back in a flash with no hassles. I think eBay is throwing a bone to people with suspended accounts in order to collect as much money as they can. They really are reinstating your account if you pay the balance off, and this is done AUTOMATICALLY.

    One word of caution, if your paypal account associated with the eBay account was permanently limited, I would NOT try to pay off the balance and get your account back up and running...they may double flag you or again try to limit your account after you make your payment. You could try switching to a merchant account at that point, but that may or may not work. The previously mentioned account that was automatically reinstated I have been selling on with no problems now for about 3 months. Now I am very careful with what items I sell on the account but it seems to be smooth sailing. Good luck!

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    I'd still be cautious - they are not going to reinstate all accounts simply for paying back fees.

    However, yes - if you get a prior notification that the account can be reinstated, then this may well happen once back fees are paid.

    Personally, I have so many Ebay accounts running today, and back ups, I'm not sure I'd even be willing to pay back fees to get back any accounts, especially since I figure out how to bypass the paying of fees entirely.
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