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    My 18 year old son and I opened an Ebay account the beginning of January selling Sports memorabilia...Alot of it was autographed stuff but everything we sold had matching COAs and could be verified through the respective COA companies online..We sold roughly 200 items in less than a month and sold close to $16000 worth of stuff...All perfect ratings..Not one negative feedback..In fact, as of today, I am rated a Top Seller...Yet they suspended me indefinitely...When I tried to figure out why, not one of the 3 different folks I spoke with could give me a reason..I was told it was a business decision..The email said that "due to a history of high risk selling behavior."'' What history? We sold for a little over a month..Not much of a history...When I asked them if anyone complained or claimed something I sold was not authentic, they said that no one complained...They said their internal specialist looked at my listings and found some inconsistencies...Whatever..So now they are professional authenticators? What a joke..The problem is because we were selling so well so quick, we literally went out and spent close to $20000 on fresh merchandise to sell and now I have a basement and a garage full of stuff..Ive sold a piece here and there locally but we are knee deep in debt as a result of this..We rented a storage unit and bought shelves and all sorts of shipping supplies as my son was going to make this his full time job as he has an anxiety disorder so this was perfect for him and he was very good at it...But now, he has nothing and I am buried in debt on stuff I cannot sell now...To make matters worse, they expect me to pay a $1500 bill for the stuff I sold last month..I would gladly pay it if I had an active account but no way I am paying them after the way they have treated me and my son..Any advice or thoughts would be helpful and appreciated....Thanks....

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    Sorry to hear this. Yes, eBay often suspends for what they think we might do or might have done, rather than what we actually did.
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    Send me a PM I can discuss this further with you, and your options. Thanks!
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      Often times that 'high risk' activity notification appears just out of nowhere to boot you off when you were doing absolutely nothing wrong. It happens on both eBay and PayPal and seems to always come just when you think you're doing really well.

      Modee is very well placed to help on this issue in particular, he's been involved in legal action relating to this.


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        This board has some interesting information for sure


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          Church Man you're definitely not alone in this ... I've been and been reading similar stories for ages now