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Are they CRAZY? my ebay suspended due to past due fees

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  • Are they CRAZY? my ebay suspended due to past due fees

    If I'm suspended for past due fees but not into collections and I pay the fees shouldn't my account be active? Instantaneously? Especially from CC/Debit? Shows completed and green in PayPal

    I called in again after making the pmt. and they said oh don't worry it takes 24hrs

    I've been all day reading and messing around and cannot seem to find out and they got me to pay a pile of cash telling me I would be back on

    There's an underlying hold or reason here, isn't there? I have a feeling I may know what it is .. I hope I'm wrong ..
    . All of these years NO other company can make one ask WHAT MIGHT THEY DO NEXT quite as well as these folks

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    If you simply deal with eBay alone, they will tell you that you must pay the fees first before they will discuss the status of the account.

    There are techniques, via tech support, to force eBay to address the issue itself before the back fees are paid. As well, the fees may not be valid, and this too might be addressed first if done the right way.
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      First thing to happen was I get billed $1060 or so in fees one evening.. on 150 or so low ticket listings
      I'm still not certain that it said $1060 and not $10.00 but I was really very tired and annoyed
      Either way I realized a few hours afterward WHAT THE HECK and took all of my listings down (not that it helps any at that juncture)
      Oddly after calling in and waiting a couple of weeks for nothing to happen I called in again and the lady was very reassuring and all but she still needed approval
      But guess what about a week later here we are BAM they cut those fees off

      So what had happened was I keep getting all of those pay or be suspended and then pay so you won't be and all of this
      But when they at least took the 1000 off of there I thought, fine, she said and the messages seemed to say hey pay the money and you'll be back to normal active status
      So I pay a few hundred which is insane as their fees exceeded my GROSS you know? I made less than zero on the last 30 or so items factoring in the scam artist buyers
      But I says okay fine I got too aggressive on there with my listings and pushing things if I have to pay outright insane fees ... okay fine .. Right

      So now meanwhile my balance it's -$2.00
      I had paid in full and then tried popping it a couple times with a buck to see if that'd do anything

      The one thing I can't find ANYWHERE is the answer to this... when an account is suspended for non payment, does the account go back active normal as soon as you make the payment?
      As I understand it PayPal might take a week and a something else might take awhile but a credit payment should have done this instantly? Yeah?
      So I may be doomed here ?
      What do you guys think


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        As an aside this may be difficult to believe but lost right in the middle of maybe fifteen collection and suspension "PAY US NOW" e-mail type of messages there is one which talks about "direct debit reject" which were times I didn't cover payments I had made

        . I'm suspicious of that message and it sounds like they may suspend accounts for that..
        Does that sound crazy?
        It seems to me as if that could be acting like a hold from another agency showing up when some fool thinks he's being released from jail

        But after I paid the balance to zero I called AGAIN and the representative assured me .. no it's fine, it just takes 24hrs


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          Well it looks like they got me. Still haven't heard back. I'll try calling them tomorrow but it looks like I'll just have to try and charge back what they got out of me. NO response anymore to any messages now and it still says suspended for non payment and balance owed is negative $3


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            WOW this is so eerie.. literally seconds after I made that last post BAM I got an email from EBAY .. it says monitor my account for the next 24-48 hours .... what the heck


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              I posted here at 8:37 my time and got a message from them at 8:39 after not hearing from them for DAYS
              .. That almost can't be a coincidence
              So much strange stuff happens with this co


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                Call eBay on Monday if it's not fully restored by then.
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                  I will.. this was one hell of a coincidence though


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                    Keep in mind that at places like eBay and Paypal, the left hand doesn't always know what the right is doing. EXample: you are suspended from selling, and then receive your PowerSeller certificate in the mail, issued and mailed out AFTER the suspension. So it could very well just be a coincidence.
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                      Yeah sometimes to release funds as an example eBay will swear it's a PayPal hold and PayPal will swear it's an eBay hold (on the telephone)! and on eBay and PayPal they both say it's a PayPal hold then later it turns out that it was an eBay hold


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                        Well it's been what, a week now .. meanwhile TODAY I get an e-mail about my inquiry on final value fee credits . Which I never even asked about unless it was last year or who knows . . . Funny how several e mails over the course of several days get no reasonable response for days at a time NOW THAT THEY HAVE MY MONEY .. Sigh!


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                          Well how is THIS for hijinx... I finally called up today and the lady said oh we have a team that handles this type of issue, the hold time is twenty minutes.
                          . . Okay no problem I says ... so then about ten minutes later I end up on there with some guy from the Philippines and he's telling me okay I see that you made the payment and let me put you on hold but he assures me he isn't going anywhere until this is fixed
                          . Meanwhile when he comes back on he days this will take a few minutes and he apparently is going to stay on the line while we're waiting to be sure it goes through and he was telling me all about places to visit over there where he lives and all of this .. You know making some conversation as we're waiting.
                          . And then BAM it finally is reinstated, and, just as I had suspected it had something to do with the ONE e mail I had about the debit rejections... I KNEW it ..
                          . I knew .

                          So anyway I'm back on there
                          ONE thing FOR SURE is that the telephone support is FAR better than it use to be. They're coherent and thoughtful and they seem to really do their best on there (like when the lady was helping me with the excessive fee removal before this)

                          . Still isn't cool that the system is messed up so that one employee thinks making payment will fix it and then no communication after getting the money suddenly .. and etc ..
                          . But at least it's fixed FINALLY


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                            I KNEW that HAD TO BE what the big issue was
                            It sucks being in the dark 100%
                            But I generally can figure out what is happening
                            . This is the subject line MC000 : Reinstatement - eBay Direct Debit Reject