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Does anyone know if you request contact info on an EBay buyer if he will find out?

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  • Does anyone know if you request contact info on an EBay buyer if he will find out?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here. What a great website! Much of the info here helped me alot.

    First of all, anyone can just answer the question and avoid my long background story if you wish.

    But here it is...Long story but I kinda did this to myself.

    A guy buyer was trying to scam me, he buys a certain item in a certain category frequently so I decided to warn some of the other "Sellers" about what he was pulling. He lied and said something about the item I sent that wasn't true. A few said he had already bid on their item, a few said he was blocked and one said this guy got him kicked off of ebay. Don't know how he got back on

    The ironic thing is I inadvertantly sent the warning message to one of his Ebay ID's!! so now he is retaliating by bidding on my items using his various EBAy id's (and or his buddies, they all buy the exact two items frequently) and leaving Feedback which is untrue. But funny thing is actually true regarding the transaction we did, what I sent him was kinda worn imho and I would've given a refund if he would have just said that but he was a scammer and I knew it

    I can't get specific but later one of the bundled items I sold was in the adult category, he bought it to give me bad feedback, it was the only item I had listed. SO now he sees me unclothed. There is at least a few people that bought that I am confident are him, and are going to leave me a neutral or red right before the 60 day cut off so I can't reply. It's the pattern, they never leave feedback somewhat near the time they get the item.

    Anyway...somehow in the process I am nice to him as I am to all the buyers and he started talking kinda flirty so I was probably lightly flirty back (not knowing it was him or that this scam was happening though I was on the lookout) so anyways I just realized that was him. He's still emailing me offering to pay me for more pictures. i never let him pay anyhow, for some reason I was hesitant about him having my paypal email. Later he asks for it so he can pay me so I just sent him more pics for free. SO now he's on the fence I think, mad at me but kinda likes me too. he left me neutrals with his EBAY id's instead of the reds which was his original because he is still kinda mad. Neutrals contained lies but ironically, they are true if applied to HIS transaction.

    One of his IDs contacted me out of the blue asking if I was gonna relist an item because they missed buying it, I fell for it and started a one day auction for them w/buy it now. Still trying to wrap it up since i have no other items.Then suddenly I hear nothing, they do not pay nor respond. Don't pay for two weeks and in the meantime when I request payment, they send the same goofy sentence. It's him and he finally paid me yesterday what he owed (2 weeks later after orignially asking me to list it) This is the pattern with BOTH nueturals I just got, the communcation earily familiar.

    The pattern is....someone sends me a question about the condition of the item, another person bids then I don't hear from them, I have to request payment, then they finally pay and leave lies as neutrals usually trying to complain about anything I said about the condition of the item which makes it not perfect.

    Now I suspect they are planning on saying the item arrived broken. They were obvious in the stress they placed on me buying insurance and their pattern of goofy messages etc... and not paying on time. I am suppose to send it off today but will wait until tomorrow because I want to warn Paypal

    He doesn't have his name or phone number listed on ebay using his real id, the one that I angered him. It only has the name of a business and address so after he leaves me derogitory feedback, I am sure he will change his personal info to include it so I can't have it removed.

    I am sure he will leave me bad feedback right via red or neutral before the 60 day feedback time so I can't reply. So if I request his phone number and name, will he know about it? I want to keep it just in case, for safety reasons. I also explained to him that that one listing in adult was the first and last time I would do that, we had a housepayment due and just needed a slight amount of money immediately deposited to cover it.

    If his Id's don't stop ganging up on me, I am gonna take action. Already contacted all the different departments in Ebay but got nowhere but picked up tidbits so I know how to play the game. It would be goofy for me to request his personal info this long after the transaction so I would need to be untruthful to do it and I think he will forget about me soon. I have a ton of stuff to list but am viewed as someone who doesn't normally sell so don't have much to loose. Sorry this is so long, thanks for hanging in there. Please don't quote this, just reply because I am going to edit it later. M.
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    I think i might have been scammed by this dude...


    I think I may have been scammed by these buds....they my item..keep it, file a dispute, and leave a negative feedback.

    One of the Id's first contacts me to please list the item. Then another ID bids. The shipping address changes to some absurd Company Address..

    BUT NOW I HAVE GOT HIM/HER---b/c the latest item they won of mine--they used an ID that sells....

    Its pay back time...


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      that's funny because their latest ID does sell, but rarely. Did you bid on their item tonight by chance?

      Who knows if it's the same person, EBAY land is huge!


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        Yes when you request contact information, both sides will be notified. By the way, I suggest getting this contact information IMMEDIATELY on any shaky sale, and on all sales if you have time. Why? Because if you end up getting a negative feedback,
        Feedback removal - in the modern EBAY era - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
        using my tech support methods, this contact information may become vital to getting it removed.
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support