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PayPal Buyer claiming S.N.A.D significantly not as described

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  • PayPal Buyer claiming S.N.A.D significantly not as described

    To cut a long story short: (applicable to Paypal Australia)

    1) Sent a camera with accessories to a buyer via Ebay.
    2) Buyer claims that accessories were sent in box, but not the camera body. Claims that the box was not tampered with.
    3) Opens a dispute claim before the money he originally sent me has even landed in my account (read: I was given no chance to rectify the situation whatsoever).
    4) I have provided documentary evidence of tracking, postage etc. I've also rang Australia Post and they confirmed it was delivered, albeit to the buyer's mother, and that it wasn't opened for routine inspection.
    5) 24 hours later, funds from buyer are now in my bank account but the Paypal transaction still lists the funds as being in a temporary hold while the dispute is resolved. Paypal account is now in a large negative balance.

    Although I've submitted my answer in the dispute case, I would argue now with some thought that the buyer should have opened an 'item not received' dispute, since I did not send a different camera, an old camera or some other item that would deem it SNAD. The buyer is however claiming 'Missing quantity' so I might not have a leg to stand on there.

    I realise that documenting my exemplary feedback on Ebay and postage proof is not going to be considered when PayPal make their ruling, and I also undestand that Paypal will likely rule in the buyer's favour. But is there any recourse of action for myself? Specifically, do I have any grounds to dispute the fact that the item was in fact not received, instead of SNAD?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I am super stressed out right now!
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    For the most part the SNAD claims for Ebay sold items will be ruled for the buyer, especially if the buyer returns the item.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
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