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In Debt to Paypal due to fraud (Move?)

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  • In Debt to Paypal due to fraud (Move?)

    Hey Guys,

    I at this point just want to clear my debt with paypal so I can move on with life. I have heard of people in the UK that get fradulent debts released eventually.

    I have the whole case, but for all intentions will keep it to semi-cliff notes. Any more questions someone may be able to ask to help me out with an answer let me know.

    I had an ebay Auction selling a JL Audio Subwoofer and Amplifier for a Car. It sold for 450.00. I stated shipping would be 50.00 anywhere in the CONTINENTIAL US 48 STATES! The winner of the auction was from Canada (my first mistake). He assured me that 5 more dollars would cover shipping to canada so he sent me 55.00 towards shipping. Shipping came to 80 alone when i brought the package in to get shipped. I didn't ship it, instead I got back to the buyer. When he stated rudely "I don't have any more money -- refund me". My second mistake was that I sent this all out the next day WITHOUT the subwoofer box (only other thing included in the package besides the sub and amplifier. When he received it "Significantly Not As Described" -- I was given like 3 options. I chose the option "When I receive the merchandise I sent, back in its original condition, i'll issue a full refund.

    Long story short this guy had the audacity to send me a chinese power inverter that sells for 20.00 on ebay all day long in an attempt to "Say this was my subwoofer". Paypal believed them.

    Long story short, paypal settled with THEM. THEY GOT MY SUB AND AMP . . . THEN GOT REFUNDED FOR IT TOO!

    Now i'm out $380.00 something (I had a positive balance in my paypal account so paypal basically stole some of the money IN MY ACCOUNT, in my opinion).

    The rules with these idiots is so vague it makes me want to puke (Paypal).

    What am I better off doing -- sending the buyer a letter stating that I am coming up for small claims court -- or just get the debt settled with paypal?

    Thanks for ANYONES help in this matter, and please contact me if in need of further details.

    I tried Appealing the claim twice, until they wanted a police incident report. I'm not F'ing around with some report like that unless i'm going to sue this scum up in canada.

    Take Care Guys,

    - B

    AKA InDebt2Paypal

    EDIT: Edited for some punctuation and information re-clarification.

    PS: I'm no lawyer, but i'm not an uneducated idiot either. I have an associates degree with zero debt towards my degree, and will get the same with a bachelors -- in Computer Information Systems.

    Edit 2: My reasoning behind not including the cheap MDF subwoofer box with torn carpeting is that 1. It wasn't appealing and 2. I thought we'd go halfway on the ordeal (He doesn't get the box, but also doesn't have money to ship it all either, i was trying to be nice?

    He thought 100.00 settlement would be appropriate for a cheap $25.00 subwoofer box.

    - He stated in paypal comments that he received the sub and amplifier but not the box
    - Tracking number of 3kg package (the cheap power inverter) -- my sub and amp shipped from ME weighed 50+ pounds

    I can fully document the scenario, but am not going to reveal everything for my own protection.
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    Ok it's honestly not worth it to go to small claims court for only $380. If the amount isn't over $500 it isn't worth it. It'll cost you more in court than to just pay the debt and get it over with. Count this debt as a loss on your taxes and you won't lose any money.

    You did make a mistake by not shipping everything that was stated in the auction. Secondly you should have listed the exact amount they'd have to pay for shipping, which you didn't. Thirdly, you should have limited the buyers of the item to be only from the USA. You can do that while creating your auction.
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      You can't go after someone for small amounts of money when he is far away, let alone in a different country. What happened here is that you both tried to cheat the other, and he got the better of you. Lesson learned and move on.
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