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Question about paypal ebay suspension please help

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  • Question about paypal ebay suspension please help

    i got suspended like 5months ago cause im selling ****s on ebay and now i used my friend identity and we got busted after 1month cause i think i forgot to change the ip or delete cookies so now im looking for a new way to come back on ebay paypal/
    i will go this Thursday to open an account at the bank and then i will create a new paypal and will link it with this bank account
    and then i will open up a ebay account i will use a proxy since i cant change my ip address cause i got cable and my mac adress never changes.
    My info is gonna be the same on paypal as my old suspended ebay account and ebay but will be invented.
    I will delete cookies and everything in firefox using the clear recent history thing.
    So my question is : Will i get suspended again using this method?

    I wanna know if they gonna track me down with me using the same paypal info but not ebay.Cause if they ask me to verify identity on paypal im ****ed so i rather put my real info


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    No, you can not use the same Paypal information.
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      You have to use totally different information on all of the accounts. If you do not, you will get linked with your old accounts and kicked before you can do anything.

      You need Modee's Short List, or you need to purchase a new account if you want to get back on successfully, without a headache.

      Also, they pick through proxies like blackberries... not a good idea