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Can't withdraw money from my PayPal

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  • Can't withdraw money from my PayPal

    my account its not suspended/limited

    before 4 month i linked my paypal to payonner.
    everything work grait.i transfer from paypal to payonner 5 times
    on the last transfer i transfer 700$ from paypal to payonner and payonner stop the transfer cos the name on paypal and payonner not the same.(its stelth paypal)
    know thet i try to link new account to paypal he give me Error Message thet we cant do it now or somthing like thet.
    i try to send send\request money to another paypal and again the Error Message Appears.
    i try to buy somthing on ebay with this paypal too,and he dont gie me ,i cant connect my ebay with paypal too,its show error Message .

    i try to speack with them on chet and this is what they told me

    I wasn’t able to confirm your identity and this action has been stopped by our security program. Our security program considers a variety of factors at each action taken on an account. After reviewing your account, I can see that for this occasion, this action will not go through. This is only impacting this specific action and it is possible you won’t encounter this problem with future actions

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    PayPal doesn't allow Payoneer to be added as a typical bank account any longer. Sometimes this slips by, but this has not been allowed for some time now.

    As far as the different methods of transferring funds, some of these are analyzed here
    An analysis of ways get money out of PayPal, including bank, ATM, casino, PP to PP - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
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    And if you need extra help:
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