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PayPal records How long maintained?

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  • PayPal records How long maintained?

    Let me share some experience...

    I had a PayPal account that I closed myself totally legit in 2009. Now it seems PayPal literally does not hold any records for that account anymore. I confirmed with them and they genuinely do not have any records of that account.

    I have another completely separate account that is still open and has been going since 2007. All records going back all the way to 2007 are still retained fully on that.

    So from my findings with open accounts all records are retained permanently. But if an account is closed the records do appear to get wiped after a certain period of time. This blows a hole in the old theory 'PayPal keeps all your information forever'.

    Does anybody know roughly after how long information on closed accounts is deleted?
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    The information I have about this matter was obtained via subpoena and is definitely not going to be posted publicly. I do discuss this and other related topics frequently, after engaging confidentiality with a paid client.

    You have a knack for asking questions that would not (or perhaps, should not) be answered in public.

    I will say that how long PayPal keeps records depends on the circumstances under which the accounts were closed.
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      Anyway if you close your PayPal account today the records will be deleted sometime between now and 10 years.