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PayPal 'please add a funding source'

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  • PayPal 'please add a funding source'

    I recently created a PayPal account and added a credit and a debit card.

    After trying to send $2.5k payment with a credit card, I have been asked to verify my account which I did and completed.
    Verification was successful, however I can't pay for anything or transfer to anyone.

    I tried transferring to a few different people and even buying something off eBay and I always get the 'Please add a funding source' message
    and a form to add a new card. Keep in mind I already have two cards attached.

    PayPal support keeps saying they 'refreshed' my account and to try again after clearing cookies.

    Does anyone have any advice? Thanks

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    It might be that PayPal doesn't accept a credit card as your funding source, and wants a bank account.

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