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PayPal Account Limited because linked back to old limited PayPal of mine

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  • PayPal Account Limited because linked back to old limited PayPal of mine


    For starters Im new to this website and after being on google looking for websites that might be able to help my plight, im pretty sure i have come to the right place. Just hopefully i have put this new thread in the right place..

    First off, as the heading says my account has been limited. I was limited in February. The reason for the limitation is supposedly to do with my old account which was limited in 2010 -2011 due to my eBay being hacked. The hacker tried to sell many Apple new products on my account and managed to, as i was away at the time and wasnt keeping a close eye on my account.

    I recently made a new paypal account to buy somethings for my son, and it was ok for 2 months where i brought 4 items and sold none because of what happened last time i was afraid too and then i got a limitation.

    I emailed them and was told the same thing over and over again, and was also talked to rudely by one of their telephone staff.

    I would like my paypal back as i use to use it alot, but my appeal was denied to keep this account, therefore i am unsure more of what to do..

    if there are any suggestions i would be glad to hear them.

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    If you can prove that the hacked account was not used by you - for example if the items sold or the pattern of use was completely different from the way you have used your account in the past - then that account should not be used against you.

    However, you did violate PayPal's rules by creating a new account when you have an old one that was permanently limited, and for that alone, they can shut you down.

    The correct way to deal with this is to address the limitation on both accounts at once. Contact me for tech support.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      Sorry, im new here so how do i contact you? Is it via the hyperlink of tech support, which leads me to another forum section and then post there or do i PM.

      The only thing i am worried about is that what kind of proof do i need to provide to them to clarify that the account was hacked and wasnt by me?

      Sorry for asking how to contact you, i just dont want to do the wrong thing by you or the forum and make it more difficult if you know what i mean.