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Help my ebay/paypal account limited - was transferring money PayPal to PayPal

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  • Help my ebay/paypal account limited - was transferring money PayPal to PayPal

    I recently create a new account with ebay made some purchases and then started selling after selling a few items i got ebay to up the limits on my selling in a certain category so after selling a couple more phones i called to try and get them to up my limit again so i could list more phones i was under the impression if you are selling and getting good feedback was good and i was told by a rep that they would up my limit if i did so. so while on the phone it seems like i was being investigated asking all kinds of questions so they didnt up my limit then after the hold placed on the payments i already recieved was lifted i sent my money to one of my old account and sent it back to the original account it came from soon after that transaction i received a call from paypal asking all kinds of questions then stated she was gonna place my account on hold until they get some reciepts for items i sold and more information about my business all i want to do is withdrwal my money and NEVER deal with them again can anyone help both of my account are restricted first my ebay then my paypal will they hold my money forever its been like 3 weeks already i cant provide them receipts if these items were gifts to me what do i do how do i get them to release my funds and close my accounts for good please help

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    You should not be sending money PayPal to PayPal:
    An analysis of ways get money out of PayPal, including bank, ATM, casino, PP to PP - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    especially under those circumstances.
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