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  • Creating new paypal

    I keep hearing everyone say that if you buy or create a new paypal account then it's going to get limited in a few months. Why would it get limited? I've had my main paypal account since 2004 and it has never been limited and I use it all the time. Why would another account that I buy or create be any different?

    I'm wanting to sell some stuff on ebay with a new ebay account and a new paypal account. My current ebay account was suspended. But I want to be sure that I am able to get my money out of paypal. I'm just a bit scared that they are suddenly going to limit my paypal account for no reason after hearing what everyone is saying.

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    You can get limited by being linked to your old paypal or ebay account.

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      thats why

      your first account was suspended and that what happens to paypal too. there you have your answer. the newer the account the more it will get checked for a while at least.


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        Once the Ebay is suspended often (but not always) the PayPal goes down too.
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