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PayPal limitations... I want OUT!

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  • PayPal limitations... I want OUT!

    Okay... So paypal has limited my account. I have gave them all documents they have asked for and i get an email saying that i was "unable to complete the appeals process" and the email told me nothing more on what they needed. I called and the representative told me that all of my documents have passed but he didn't understand why my account was limited. So i started asking him questions that could cause the problem.

    For 1, I am living with my parents but my Dad has the same name as me, but shouldn't reflect him since we have 2 different SS#... right?

    2. My dad also has a Paypal account but i am new to paypal, maybe a mix up because of the I.P. address? I am also using the same home address since i live with my parents.

    3. I provided SSN, bank statement, and driver's license. All were accepted as the representative said.

    4. like any other 18 and 19 year olds, i don't have credit. Could credit be the biggest issue to prove my identity? but still, all my documents provide enough identity to open several bank accounts...

    The representative told me it could be because i didn't have credit but he wasn't actually sure. He told me he would look into the problem over the next couple days and send me any information that will help me get rid of my limitation. I highly doubt that he will send me any information about how to get rid of it. Please anyone know what to do?

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    I'm in about the same situation. My partner had a US paypal business account. We applied for a paypal debit card (little did we know that we were applying for a limitation).

    The next day they limited our account and asked us for documents. He provided all the documents (he's 19, does not have a credit profile yet) and SSN#, etc. They denied our appeals, stating that they could not verify our information. We weren't told what information was not verifiable, though.

    I called them and asked them. First call, the rep asked me to email the compliance department ([email protected]) and ask for the reason. I did that. 72 hours later, no reply. I called again, and the rep told me it could have been a human error in verifying those documents (since our account had been limited on 2 other occasions previously, we had submitted those documents and they had been verified earlier).

    Waited 2 days, and their executive escalations department sent me an email stating that they had re-reviewed the documents and the result was the same - could not verify. Rather strange.

    I emailed that department asking WHAT or WHY they had failed to verify. I got a reply 12 or so hours later, stating they had failed to verify and I could contact them if I had further queries. So, they never told me what/why they failed to verify.

    Called them yet again, and the rep told me the DOB could not be verified. The submitted document was a legitimate passport. Strange, innit? Rep put me on hold, then later came back and asked me if we could provide a birth certificate. Agreed, and we just submitted that document. Waiting for their 'review' on it. Not that I much hopes, though.

    And obviously, if they fail to verify even the birth certificate, my partner has a US visa that we can submit. But, how stupid can Paypal be, anyway?


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      I agree this is stupid... I found out i can't receive my money for 180 days because i don't have credit. They told me to try contacting the credit company they use but the problem with that is, you can NOT contact them!

      I have no choice but to wait 180 days...

      Worst part about this is, Ebay has now limited my account because i can't pay the fee's and whenever i enter my card information to pay, it takes me to paypal which my paypal account is limited as well, so now i'm just stuck.


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        Don't give PayPal anything until after you engage tech support and learn the proper procedure for addressing the limitation matter. Otherwise, you'll fall into PayPal's trap of giving them detailed information about yourself that they will use simply to detect and prevent future registrations.
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support