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PayPal permanently suspended, eBay managed payments?

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  • PayPal permanently suspended, eBay managed payments?

    Hello. So this is my situation. I was selling on eBay I ordered a batch of products from a person online and it worked out great. I ordered a second larger batch of products from him, but this time many of the products were not working. I was a fool and did not wait to post my eBay items until I tested them all out. I ended up having to refund a bunch of customers. This triggered eBay and my account was permanently restricted. I just decided to setup a new PayPal account. I waited till I had the products and tested them and everything was going really smoothly, for a month or so. But then PayPal closed this new account down. I'm assuming that I am now on some high security list. So my question is this. Should I setup a stealth PayPal account or should I try and have eBay managed account?

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    You have maneuvered yourself into a very tricky situation. You need tech support for the answer, there is no one who would dare post the correct answer publicly to allow eBay to view it.

    You have managed to destroy yourself with both eBay and PayPal, so yes you need a stealth account but you need to proceed in a way that doesn't link you back to any of your banned identities or accounts. And in any case, merely getting approved for eBay Managed Payments with a stealth account is a process that at least to date, only Modee is up to speed on.
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    And if you need extra help:
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