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Viable alternatives to Ebay - AMZN, uBid, eBid, Etsy

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  • Viable alternatives to Ebay - AMZN, uBid, eBid, Etsy

    seems theres other websites that one can try.
    i have tried amazon which is very slow for selling ,sell about 1 item a day.
    tried ebid i can sell one item a year on there.
    was selling 20 items daily on ebay.
    shame that we cant all get together and make some other site work half as much as ebay.
    any ideas on breaking ebays monopoly appreciated.

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    Been discussion on this for years. The #2 auction site to Ebay is, in my opinion, uBid. Not easy to get approved there though. I have had a uBid account since the mid 2000s. Sometimes my items sell for more there, and other times more on Ebay.

    At least with uBid though, I have never had a listing pulled or been molested in any way by admin.
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      I know very little about the other online avenues but I did just come across a seller on Etsy. selling used kitchen & household goods who had about 450 feedback in just over a year of having the account. They were selling classic vintage items- when things were built to last for 50 years.