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Adding Bank Account then Withdrawing from PayPal - will I get limited?

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  • Adding Bank Account then Withdrawing from PayPal - will I get limited?

    Hello Everyone...I had a Question bothering me...Could someone answer it would be appreciate it,

    If i add an Bank account in UK paypal and then complete the verification process ect ect. and then withdraw some money would my account get banned?


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    The answer is somewhat complex, because it depends mostly on whether you created the account PROPERLY, but otherwise, why would any PayPal get limited simply because you withdraw money from it to your attached bank account? PayPalers do this daily.

    Perhaps what you are asking is - will a brand new PayPal undergo some extra scrutiny after a request is made to withdraw money from it - the answer is, Yes.

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      Not at all if you are properly using it. But there is an option regarding password, that is if you input wrong passwords for more than 5 times, then it will be blocked but not banned. To remove the blockage. you have to wait for 24 hours. Thereafter you’ll find the option in the site for changing the password. Once you change your password, thereafter you can use your account as usual. If still, you face any difficulty, you can call PayPal Customer Services and they’ll certainly guide you in the right direction.
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