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  • Need Help!!(Please!)

    Hi guys, could do with some help please,

    I had a premier account with PayPal for 7 years, although I was not officially trading as a business, I sold a lot of items and needed a premier account to accept instant payment. A few months ago I listed some phones I didn’t have in stock at the time and this caused a big problem and PayPal limited my account and asked for business proofs, I explained I was not a business and they limited my account.

    So I opened up a new account, at my parents address, where I am now registered as a sole trader with the government, they have now suspended this account also, saying it is of risk and security, the account was a brand new business account, verified and card verified but they have still limited it, I have sent across all the invoices, driving licence etc.

    Is there any way around this?

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    yes there is a way round, your second account may have been linked to the old account.

    you need to make an account, possibly at a po box address, as you have run out of addresses, business acc would be preferable.

    no links, eg. ip, cookies, LSO, bank acc, cards

    you can risk using same name, if you use different address, or you can go for completely
    different name for submission and a business name for the account.

    there are differences between ltd acc and sole trader, in terms of what info on directors can be looked up, so for a different name I do not suggetst a ltd company.