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MC019 -Trademark Violation - Unauthorized Item

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  • MC019 -Trademark Violation - Unauthorized Item

    I have two stealth accounts running since 2 years now.
    I am selling VERO items, yesterday i have listed 20 items on one of the accounts and this morning i received this:

    After reviewing your eBay account, it appears that you have violated eBay's Trademark Violation - Unauthorized Item policy. As a result, we've taken the following action on your account:
    - Listings have been removed. A list of items that were removed can be viewed at the bottom of this message.
    - We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

    The listing that was removed appeared to violate eBay policy or a rights owner's trademark. Please remember that you are responsible for the quality and authenticity of the products that you offer on eBay. It is against eBay policy to list any counterfeit items.

    For more information please see our Replica, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies policy:
    Replicas, counterfeit items, and unauthorised copies policy

    - Photos are unclear or otherwise fail to represent the item You may also consider these tips to help improve your listing: - Consider using eBay’s Completed Listing feature as a possible resource when deciding on a listing price: How can I see how much an item sold for (search completed listings)?

    Please be aware that any additional violations of this policy may result in the suspension of your account. We understand that you may be concerned about this situation.

    For more information on why eBay may remove a listing, go to:
    Why eBay May Remove Your Listing

    Please be assured that your listings have not been targeted in any way. We review all listings reported by eBay members or Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program participants.

    If you have additional questions, contact our policy experts.
    Online customer support

    We understand that you may have been unaware of this eBay policy, and we encourage you to learn how to keep your experiences on eBay successful.

    Here are the listings that were removed:
    (listing number)

    We appreciate your cooperation.


    eBay Customer Support

    I see that the only reason for this strike is that photos are not very good quality (they are realy not).
    Before 2 weeks some idiot blame me that i report him to ebay for selling ****s, i told him that i didn;t report anyone but maybe he reported me...
    I am selling these items since 1 year and this account (100% positive 78 feedbacks)and never had VERO strikes before.
    What do you think about this situation?
    Should i continue selling or leave the account for some period (what period?)?

    Thank you in advance.
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    You need my VERO tech support to learn how to sell such items.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      how i can get this VERO tech support?