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MC019-trademark violations-unauthorised item - what to do?

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  • MC019-trademark violations-unauthorised item - what to do?


    i really need a bit of advise.

    This morning i received email:
    After reviewing your eBay account, it appears that you have violated eBay's Trademark Violation - Unauthorized Item policy. As a result, we've taken the following action on your account:
    - Listings have been removed. A list of items that were removed can be viewed at the bottom of this message.
    - Any fees for listings ended early because of this violation will not be credited to your account.

    Your listing was removed after the rights owner reported it as counterfeit. We urge you to contact the rights owner directly for more information about why they requested the removal of your listing and whether you can relist the item.

    For more information on our VeRO program, please visit:
    eBay UK: Help: VeRO Programme: Information for eBay Users

    Please be aware that any additional violations of this policy may result in the suspension of your account. We understand that you may be concerned about this situation.

    We encourage you to contact .............. directly if you have any questions.
    You can send an email to:


    For more information on how eBay protects Intellectual Property, or for additional information if you believe that your listing has been removed as a result of an error or misidentification, please visit the following Help page:
    How eBay protects intellectual property (VeRO)

    For more information on why eBay may remove a listing, go to:
    Why eBay May Remove Your Listing

    Please be assured that your listings have not been targeted in any way. We review all listings reported by eBay members or Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program participants.

    If you have additional questions, contact our policy experts.
    Online customer support

    We understand that you may have been unaware of this eBay policy, and we encourage you to learn how to keep your experiences on eBay successful.

    Is this serious? I have no restriction so sell or list,only that listing was taken down.I do sell similar items ,but they are still running.So how come? Ebay had my invoices few months ago as I asked for my limits to be increased,so I had to fax them.The item in question is new and was listed only yesterday.
    I have another two accounts,but they are registered with same paypal.Only one has the same address,another is still on old one.Should I list there just to get rid of that stock,or shall I forget about it completely?
    Can I still use my old account for other sales or better give it a rest?
    There are few sellers that have the same stock and sells tons of it,how come there are not targeted by the same thing?

    Sorry for lots of questions,I am still quite new here...

    I really appreciate some advice or direction.
    I think its time to have some other accounts running...

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    You need, besides my Short List to learn how to create other accounts, my VERO Guide.

    What you need is my VERO tech support. Selling VERO is illegal. The VERO guide/ tech support protects you to the highest extent possible from the issues of having listings pulled, accounts suspended and getting sued for trademark and patent infringement. There is no sure fire prevention for being criminally prosecuted, but if you follow the guide you will fly under the radar to the best extent possible. No one should sell VERO without getting the VERO guide. The potential penalties are simply too great.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      hi im new were is the VERO guide thanks :}