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  • Modee
    started a topic Tech Support

    Tech Support

    Only Modee is authorized to provide paid tech support. If you have been approached by anyone else trying to get your money, this is not condoned by the forum. Please forward any such offers to the Moderators.

    Modee one on one tech support - I am the guy you need to call, when you wish you didn't have to call anyone!

    I am getting a LOT of questions via PM these days, asking for help.

    TOPICS I HAVE COVERED INCLUDE: I've covered everything from the minutest details of PayPal and EBAY cloaking, IP address issues, proxies, ebay tracking, phone number verification, eliminating the dreaded PayPal 21 day hold, cartmanager, getting a merchant account and having it approved by eBay, getting approved for eBay Managed Payments even on a stealth eBay, AMAZON account suspensions, unlocking Amazon accounts, selling VERO / high risk items under the radar, suspensions, reinstatements, how to get your enemies suspended off EBAY!, tracking down crooks who perform mock auctions, how to delay paying EBAY fees, Negative Feedback Removal, cease and desist trademark and other violations from firms like Johnson & Pham, Clement & Ho, to how to create corporations, repairing your credit, and what sort of income is (or is not) reported to the IRS, and much more.

    My most popular tech support is on creating new untraceable/unlinkable EBAY + PayPal accounts. I have a new version of this tech support that includes how to get approved for eBay Managed Payments.

    I can also help get your EBAY accounts reinstated, and your PayPals de-limited.

    One of my clients just succeeded with my help in getting ELEVEN negative feedbacks off his already suspended account, and then with my additional help got the EBAY account reinstated.

    Another thing I find is that as I develop ever more elaborate and crafty methods to bypass EBAY's screens, I just don't want them publicized. Just not worth it to me - for example, I save so much money not paying EBAY fees without losing my accounts that I have no intention of publishing this sort of information, and a lot of other intelligence, where EBAY may view it.

    I can also help you to maximize your PROFIT on EBAY with advice about what kind of listings work, what times to post, how to create advanced (but simple to use) Dreamweaver listings in full HTML, how to make the most off shipping without EBAY shutting you down, how to avoid unjust VERO suspensions, how to avoid PayPal limitations, how to create untraceable/unlinkable SOLID EBAY and PayPal accounts that will not go down, and much more.

    How to avoid PayPal, and how to make sure your customers pay you for your non-PayPal based invoicing methods. How to get a merchant account, and more importantly, how to get it approved by EBAY.

    How to sell on your own websites, SEO and Adwords optimization, and other methods of selling on auction and other types of sites other than EBAY, places where I have sold many tens of thousands in goods. I also provide tech support related to AMAZON.

    My latest greatest innovation - a sure fire method to bypass the Social Security requirement, money back if it does not work for you.

    Please keep in mind: if you try to reinstate your eBay or PayPal yourself, or hire some less skilled, less knowledgeable person out there to do the job, and FAIL - then the chances of success on down the line from someone who actually KNOWS what he is doing (like me), become less, and less, and LESS! because your account then gets documented by eBay/PayPal with notes to NOT reinstate you! So, DON'T WASTE your first and best opportunity to get your problem solved. Talk to a true expert - talk to Modee!

    What occurs to me is that the level of expertise I have to offer has been demonstrated in so many threads already.

    At this point, I'm pretty much offering two options for those seeking my one on one advice or help. Search the forums. Or, contact me for paid advice ("tech support") via PM. The latter was suggested by a member. Many many members have already taken me up on this, and I solved their intricate problems with the proper advice and needed documents. Read through this thread for some feedback from just some of my valued clients.

    Some people just don't want to spend time, or have the time to spend, on searching the forums, and I respect that, if they're willing to pay me for my time.

    I am taking care of U.S., European, Asian and Australian clients located all over the world.

    Good luck to all. Feel free to PM me anytime, if you're willing to pay for my time. Cheers.

    What is the Short List?
    What is the Short List? - Modee One on One Tech Support - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited

    I have my own Short List (not really so short - over 130 (yes ONE HUNDRED THIRTY) MSFT WORD pages,
    (UPDATED NOTE: when originally written in 2009, the Short List was 14 pages long, and in 2015, is over 130 pages long)
    and updated and extended almost every day) for help on EBAY and PayPal. This Short List (SL) is included with the tech support topic of: creation of new untraceable, unlinkable EBAY + PayPal accounts.

    On other tech supports, on other topics, I provide different carefully written, constantly updated, written materials. With Modee tech support - the written materials are just PART of what you get. You also get Modee's undivided attention one on one.

    For DETAILS on what kind of tech support I provide and what is covered, please PM me. I can help you with EBAY, PayPal, Amazon, the law, business. I cover topics ranging from everything that you see in this forum, and more.

    One tech support client referred to the Short List as the "Holy Grail" of EBAY and PayPal information.

    Seriously I rewrite and add to my Short List every day. It is a living breathing document, almost a work of art. Well, maybe THAT is going too far...but in any case what I mean is that it is not something I wrote months ago that I am shoveling out to people now in lieu of tech support. It represents tech support. It represents trial and error, and the sum of everything I am doing on a daily basis regarding EBAY and PayPal.

    The Short List is the foundation of all knowledge on Ebay and PayPal.

    You must agree that all information we share, all advice I give you, is confidential and will not be revealed to any other party. This confidentiality works both ways. Thank you.

    The way tech support works is that you private message (PM) me. Until you have officially engaged me, all correspondence will be via PM on the forum as we discuss your important issue. Once you become my client, we will switch to email.

  • Modee
    commented on 's reply
    I sent you a PM.

  • rehmatalam
    I need a paypal account

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    Just sent you a PM

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  • seed4u
    Modee I have sent you a PM regarding paid tech support. Looking forward to hear from back from you soon.

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  • princeofsin
    Modee I sent you a PM regarding your tech support service and waiting to hear back from you.

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  • DianaRing
    On a PayPal dispute
    Names and Identifying information of BAD PROBLEM BUYERS - warn sellers of bad eggs! - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    Modee helped us to get our money back from PayPal. Thanks! Modee.

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  • CaptainMorgan
    Modee helped me get my paypal reinstated, in a quick and timely manner. He is very knowledgable and his guidance proved very key in achieving this. I cannot recommend him highly enough. A true professional.

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  • Modee
    commented on 's reply
    Please send me a PM, if you have not already. Thanks!

  • pagpot
    Good day Modee,

    First of all thank you for this forum - finally, I am happy to have found this, thanks to a friend. By the way like any body else's problem Amazon deliberately closed my account and requested for address verification.
    Of course certain amount got locked.

    I need your expertise Modee. I will PM you.



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  • Modee
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    My tech supports go far beyond anything available anywhere publicly online. The best and most valuable information is never posted publicly.

  • Modee
    commented on 's reply
    I responded to your PM. If you engage me for tech support, we will proceed.

  • kraxe
    Hi Dear,
    I have seen you have helped so many people regarding this issue.
    Kindly let me know the solution of this problem ?
    As i have made an account and after placing an order i received this email of address verification asking me to submit the recent credit card statement.
    How to proceed ?
    Waiting for your help.
    Sent you PM kindly reply

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  • NathanielMW
    Hi Modee,

    Please help me to verify my Amazon account RE: Your order cannot be shipped

    I already sent you a PM

    Thank you

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  • ramarao
    Dear Mode

    i am interested in bypass Amazon address-verification
    I get the error and locked my account
    Please pm me

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