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Amazon return / exchange policy - the best in the business for buyers

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  • Amazon return / exchange policy - the best in the business for buyers

    Amazon allows buyers to return most any product within 30 days
    opened or not.

    Sellers must agree to this policy before selling. To initiate a return takes only a phone call / chat / or click to set it up, and Amazon even provides a return label.

    Another little known Amazon policy is that shipping charges will be refunded instantly if you the buyer experience any kind of delay in delay or even any issues with order fulfillment. Just ask and ye shall receive. When shipping charges are refunded, at least it is in most cases Amazon that eats the loss, not the seller. But on returns, the seller is the one who ends up losing.

    Also, if you do not receive an item Amazon will scramble to re-send it, and you might even end up with two of the same item, which Amazon doesn't even care about on inexpensive items that require no signature confirmation for delivery.

    If there are any issues with a product, a buyer may do an A-Z claim which is essentially a request for an exchange or refund.
    A to Z claims are available for most tangible goods sold.

    And buyers may also do chargebacks to enforce returns past the 30 days, and in almost all cases Amazon will side with the buyer.

    All this adds up to Great News! for the buyer. For the seller - not so much!
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    Amazon is really good for customer service I agree.