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Amazon payment processor on site with stealth account

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  • Amazon payment processor on site with stealth account

    I have been debating whether or not to add Amazon Payments to my direct website. I've had an Amazon stealth account with no issues, so will probably be using that info.

    However, the website URL that I am selling products and want to accept Amazon Payments was a previously suspended account with $2MM+ in sales a year where we had our own page which is still up with links to our social media profiles and such.

    I am worried about my stealth account being linked to this previous suspended account because of the company name, URL, ect.

    Maybe a subdomain or a new domain to accept Amazon Payments would be the best route to play safe? I mean are these different departments where they will not link? Any experience? I realize Amazon Payments as a merchant solution is not the best but it can lead to a much greater conversion rate for me and I would like to give it a shot.

    Anyone have experience?

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    I would not bother, the risk doesn't seem worth the reward. Why not just get a real credit card processor, like National Bankcard? and link it to your website with cartmanager?
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