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How to create untraceable, unlinkable new Amazon AMZN accounts, & keep yours running

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  • How to create untraceable, unlinkable new Amazon AMZN accounts, & keep yours running

    Hey guys, new here obviously lol but I've got a few questions that I'd like to run across to you guys here in the hopes you can help!

    First off, my girlfriend and I used to run our individual amazon accounts selling different items and netting around 600-800.00 a month each and doing quite well. Her account went through a probation type period after about 3-4 weeks of being on because someone left her a negative feedback for no reason, her problem was resolved but then later reversed and suspended.

    My account which was run on another pc at another location using a different address etc. was up and successful until the other day, someone had left me an A-Z claim for some odd reason that he "paid too much" for an item and was mad that the prices went down which threw my defect rating up to 2.78%, far above the 1% the godly amazon looks for. I outlined to them how I was correcting this problem and they ended up suspending me anyway and then blocking my account.

    I'm personally upset over this because the extra money from amazon helps us with rent as well as taking care of our son and now that is stripped away over some idiot. Albeit I personally have sold over 150 items and only received 15 feedbacks, all positive except 1 neutral. Let me tell you getting feedback is annoying and I'd send out a barrage of emails every week to buyers to get feedback.

    Anyway I'd like to get back to selling again and back on amazon. We tried again today using a gift card, a new email, another computer, and my other first name that has never been used with Amazon before, as well as an erronous address (one letter off on our street name, though we can still receive mail) and within 3 hours it was blocked saying it was linked. Could it be that she logged on at her work previously months ago with her old account that is banned?

    Anyway I'm looking for suggestions and steps to attaining a new account - I've also thought of just opening a checking account in the name of my son, using another computer again, and using my work address or something. If theres something I'm missing or anyone has any other tips please let me know, Thank you!

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    Amazon suspensions are a bit tricky to deal with. They use a few more precautions then ebay so it's difficult to get up and running with a stealth amazon selling account. You'll have to contact Modee for tech support to get back on. He won't be available until the end of July.
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      We also got dumped by Amazon almost 5 years ago now. Tried so many times to get back on and actually got back on twice but was again kicked off as a "link" to a suspended account First time it took amazon 3 months, second time 3 days. Would love to get back on amazon as well but they do run a tight ship and i just have about given up.


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        If you were linking your Amazon account to the same bank account as before, that's how they flagged you.


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          you have to also change phone number, computer name, ip address etc as well as bank account, plus more, its all here in the forum you just need to search carefully for it all, or ask Modee for help


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            Does anyone know if Amazon requires a SS# to upgrade acct?

            I would really like to be able to create listings, and I would keep the account at or below $500 a month to remain under the they need a SS number to withdraw more than $500 anyhow.



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              How long does it take for you to come under review with Amazon?

              My feedback is at a 40% positive rating at 24 sales

              Nothing high risk unless you count two sales in Electronics for about $25 ea

              On refund but it was kept off the books per se so not included in stats. Guy cancelled within 3 hrs of placing order but I had shipped it so he sent it back. I sent him cash in the mail, nice guy.

              Got One warning because I included my email address in a listing in case people wanted extra pictures. That's the only negative on the account and it doesn't show in stats

              No late shipments except I forgot to hit the confirm shipment button on my first order. Actually I didn't know about it but it is not recorded on my stats

              No late shipments I send everything expedited even if they only pay standard shipments. That's about it....thanks for hanging in there.

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                40% is low and may trigger a "review" , and this may come at any time


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                  Account review dilema

                  I have been selling on Amazon for about 2 months, all legitimate merchandise (workout supplements) with no complains, but also no significant number of reviews. Someone placed a $1200 order and my account was placed under review for exceeding velocity limits.

                  My question is, should I ship out the $1200 order or cancel it. If they are only going to hold my money for a couple weeks while it is under review that is fine, but I don't want it to turn into a 90 day thing and have them sitting on my money all that time.


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                    Originally posted by JEM View Post
                    40% is low and may trigger a "review" , and this may come at any time
                    Thanks, sorry I forgot about this post!

                    Oops I meant 40% of my customers left feedback. But now it's 35% of customers left positive (5 Stars . No review yet.... but the highest gross month was the first month at a little over $500. At that time, the customer service Amazon man told me that my account is likely to go into review soon if I continue, so I lowered it by $35 the second month. This month sales are slower than they've ever been though I have alot more inventory and became Pro Merchant but i will keep it under $500 to be safe. After the 90 days, it may be alright to go up to $600 then as far as up to $700 from then on. Hope so. Thanks for your reply


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                      AMZN is doable, although they closed acceptance on some categories of goods for new sellers many years ago. They pretend as though they are reviewing new sellers for these certain categories, but rarely approve such sellers.

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