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Do I need to buy an Ebay or PayPal account or just create new ones myself?

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  • Do I need to buy an Ebay or PayPal account or just create new ones myself?

    This is a question many Ebay sellers face after being booted off Ebay - whether to purchase aged accounts or create new ones.

    First of all, no suspension is necessarily permanent no matter what Ebay tells you. I have had great success with reinstatements lately, so long as you are patient enough to work with me via tech support to get your accounts back. And in some cases, the more time that has passed since the suspension, the greater the chance of reinstatement.

    Now back to the question: to buy or not to buy.

    Basically when you purchase a pre-existing Ebay and PayPal account, you are buying something that is normally never for sale: TIME. When you buy an account created 30 or 90 days ago, or a more expensive account created years ago, you obtain something that you yourself could never create: something created back in time.

    And, Time IS money.

    On a newer account, no matter how properly it is created (using of course my Short List), the new account will have to go through a breaking in curve during which Ebay may impose selling or other limits, or even suspend you if you sell high risk items, because you have established no track record.

    But with an older account, Ebay is already comfortable with you (the older the account, the more comfortable Ebay is with you), and may allow you to sell whatever you like with impunity. Now of course - when it comes to Ebay and PayPal there are no guarantees. These companies do not always act rationally, and if what you do with your account is very high risk - such as sale of VERO (which means - basically, trademarked, brand name) items, you may be questioned by Ebay no matter how old your account is. (But, there are techniques you may learn from me about Selling VERO under the radar.)

    Nevertheless, an older, established account is like GOLD to most of us, who know how to sell on Ebay (or learn from Modee with tech support how best to sell), because it lets us jump the gun and start selling like gangbusters from Day One without problems, instead of creating a new account today and having to sit around for days or months until the account is established enough to sell what we want, in the quantities we need to sell.

    So having decided that, YES - we want to buy some time (because Time is Money), HOW MUCH should we be willing to pay for an Ebay account.

    Well first of all - you get what you pay for. You're not going to be able to get an older PROPERLY CREATED account for the same price as a newly created one. But, whatever you are willing to pay should be BASED ON WHAT YOU CAN MAKE ON EBAY.

    In other words, if you can net, say $500. per week on Ebay, then spending $500. for an Ebay account should mean nothing to you - you'll make it back in a week. And if you make a couple thousand dollars monthly on Ebay, paying a couple thousand dollars for an account should be acceptable as well.

    Consider it like this: if you create a brand new account, and have to wait one month to ramp up to any sort of decent volume, and then another couple of months before you can sell at the level you need to sell at, that's essentially three months of potential profits lost. And if you make $500. per week on Ebay, that's almost seven thousand dollars you will lose because you had to wait ninety days before selling at a high enough level.

    And if you need to sell thousands of dollars of goods per month, and you need an account with a higher selling limit (or a properly created, decently aged account that won't get shut down before you can even reach such selling limits), then, too - you need an older account so that you will be able to sell a lot NOW, and not months on down the line.

    So, to summarize, being a smart Ebayer and having decided that yes, Time IS money, just compare how much you need to sell and how much you can earn on Ebay, on the one hand, with how much the account costs. If the ratio makes sense - don't be a cheapskate and sell yourself short. Put out the money to buy what you need, so that you may make what you deserve, NOW and not months on down the line.

    This is the same basic analysis anyone makes when deciding whether to purchase an existing business. The amount of annual gross revenue from the business is multiplied times a factor (anywhere from 3 - 7, usually), and that becomes the value of the business. But the difference here is that you must compare the difference between what an Ebay you BUY can generate, with what an Ebay you CREATE can generate. The DIFFERENCE between those two becomes the value of the older Ebay account you buy.

    So again: if you're okay with waiting, then create your own accounts and ramp up slowly to the sales level you need. But to jumpstart the process, buy an Ebay account. Also keep in mind - with multiple, unlinked accounts you may sell a lot on Ebay even if the selling limit on each account is too low for you.

    The smartest EBayers do both: buy an account today, AND learn how to create their own untraceable/unlinkable accounts, using my Short List. Untraceable / unlinkable means cannot be traced back to or linked with any prior account, cannot be traced back to or linked with any other account you might create to run at the same time - IF you follow my techniques.

    Other benefits of following my Short List (SL) for creating new accounts are that your accounts will stay up the maximum amount of time possible, and delay the PayPal limitation and SS # request as long as possible if you are in the US, and at least delay the limitation and request for verifying docs if you are outside of the US.

    You will also learn in the Short List how to overcome selling limits.

    A lot of people think they know how to create accounts properly, but after reviewing my over 130 page Short List
    NOTE: Short List now up to over 130 pages in 2015
    and doing tech support with me they realize that there was a tragic difference between the way they were doing it, and the way I recommend doing it.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the Best of Luck in everything Ebay and PayPal.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support

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    I would just like to say that I worked together with Modee to restore my ebay account and a he offered a very professional service and was true to his word. At the end of the process I was able to get my account access restored. He certainly has a great deal of experience and skill using ebay and paypal and his knowledge in this area is invaluable.


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      Awesome experience

      I bought an Ebay account from Modee and am very happy with the deal!

      Modee also worked with me to set up a merchant account and gateway, so I didn't have to use PayPal with Ebay anymore.

      The process of seting up a merchant account would of been almost impossible without Modee helping me along the way.
      I definitely wouldn't of been approved either.

      He also helped me set up my cartmanager, which acted as a way I could send invoices to buyers. So they could pay via Debt Card.

      Just Amazing what we got done in a few days!!


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        I would like a uk paypal established account so i dont have the 21 day hold

        if you have any i would be very interested


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          i want buy one account,
          seller send me your skype contact by pm, please.


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            Do you have paypal business. quote me. i need today


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              Modee might have a vampire avatar, but he's truly willing to help! We just sealed a MONSTER ebay account deal and I couldn't be happier. Feels like I made a valuable business contact for life.


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                Another reason to buy a genuine ebay account (versus operate a stealth one) is that ebay's newest Seller Protection policy
                Seller protections | eBay
                excludes seller protection for any account that they suspect is stealth.

                If you do any of the following you are not eligible for any seller protections:
                • Operate with a false identity
                Please read the forum rules before you post.

                And if you need extra help:
                Modee Tech Support