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Very new, probably a dumb do I buy an Ebay account SAFELY?

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  • Very new, probably a dumb do I buy an Ebay account SAFELY?

    If I buy an Ebay and Paypal account, how do I get the money? Also, how do I know that nobody else has access to these accounts? I have been banned due to linkage of legitimate accounts, and one of them had 3 complaints in a row (all sounded very similar). That shut down that account and any other that I tried to start...I'm just not tech savvy enough to do all the things required to create my own stealth account. I am very interested in buying an account, I am just concerned. Any feedback?

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    Only sure way to buy Ebay and PayPal accounts safely - is to buy them at Modeeworld

    When you buy such an account as this at Modeeworld - I get an assurance from the owner/creator that he is DONE with Ebay and that he will not create more accounts in the future. This is a factor that you will never find at any other place when you purchase an account, because after all - unless the seller (me, Modee) KNOWS the owner creator and can really PROVIDE that assurance, it is meaningless. THIS IS AN ALL IMPORTANT FACTOR because if you buy an account and then the owner/creator goes merrily on his way creating more accounts for himself, the end result will be disaster for you the buyer because as Ebay notices multiple accounts, selling entirely different goods being used in different parts of the world under different addresses, it will view your newly purchased account as an imposter and shut it down!
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