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There are many ways that legitimate sounding Ebay account sellers scam you - BEWARE

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  • There are many ways that legitimate sounding Ebay account sellers scam you - BEWARE

    Let me count the ways:

    (And these are varieties of what is known as the long con - as opposed to the simple, short con of "you pay, and receive nothing"):

    1. You are sold a hijacked account, that does not even belong to the seller. Some time after you start using it, you get locked out of the account and discover that the seller didn't even have title to the account in the first place.

    2. You are sold an account by someone who is NOT the creator and does not even have contact with the creator, such that issues that arise in the future - that may be easily resolved by the original creator, may not be resolved at all.

    3. You are sold just one of the Ebays or PayPals that the creator has created in his name, or the creator goes merrily on his way creating more accounts in his name after selling you an account, and then over time, as Ebay notices that there are different Ebay or PayPal accounts under the same (creator) name being used simultaneously in different parts of the world, shuts down ALL of the accounts, and leaves it to you and the creator to sort the situation out.
    (And in such situations - guess who ends up holding the bag.)

    4. You receive what is supposed to be a "no limit" Ebay account, without knowledge that the account actually has a low limit already imposed that is visible only to Ebay.

    5. You purchase an account and the creator disappears on you and isn't around to help you maintain control of the account, if Ebay starts thinking that you have hijacked the account.

    6. You purchase an account and there is no expert around like Modee to help you transition into the account PROPERLY so that you do not end up alarming Ebay into shutting the account down.

    7. You purchase an account, and there is no expert around like Modee to help you with issues that arise inevitably as you use your new account.

    8. What payment method does the seller request? Is he willing to take credit cards or do an escrow, or is he demanding Western Union?

    Read Modeeworld Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited for accounts for sale carefully, and you will understand the difference between something for sale here, and elsewhere. You may pay a little, or you may pay a lot, but unless you purchase from someone with integrity, you may end up with effectively - nothing.

    Modeeworld forum members - if you are offered something for sale such as an Ebay or PayPal account, chances are, it is from a scammer! Legitimate sellers at Modeeworld will NOT contact you first - we will respond to your inquiries.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support