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In the matter of sale of wholesale contacts - use your heads people

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  • In the matter of sale of wholesale contacts - use your heads people

    No one on here can tell you to buy this from this certain contact and sell and you will definitely make that. If that were the case, they would all be doing it themselves. Why sell someone a golden goose? unless it has already been stripped of eggs, in which case the info is useless anyway.

    Now if someone offers you legitimate advice in analyzing your business plans, that is one thing. But give you a turn key business to make $2000. / week on EBAY? I don't think so....

    Reminds me of when I used to play high stakes Baccarat in Vegas. I used to have an uncanny ability to pick the winning hand and tie bets. Whenever I said something like "I'm feeling the tie so much it's making me sick," dealers would start laughing and getting the chips ready for me. I'd win twenty-four grand in one shot. But...was it really intuition or just blind luck? Who knows, I'll tell you what, I've moved on to sure things, haven't gambled in several years.

    But during those periods there would be swarms of players asking me for advice. I remember one Asian lady desperately clinging on to her last few thousand in the wee hours of the morning at the Bellagio. "Tie now? Tie now?" she would ask me repeatedly, obviously at the end of her rope. I don't know lady, I'm just a gambler here like you are! If I knew all the answers, I'd quit my day job! (Which I did...for a while...until the laws of probability started catching up with me.)


    Who put this thing together?
    Me! That's who!

    Who do I trust? Me!

    Sophisticated, knowledgable people may help you, but no one is going to do it all for you. Be realistic.
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