I just sold my very first Item which was my babys Fisher Price cradle swing and from my little time research I did. I did the right method as what I read but set the "buy it now" price too low.

What I read was to set you final "buy it now" price, take half of that, then take 10% off that half, and this would be your "Bid start price".

Well not thinking of shipping I set the price at $60.99 (free shipping) and the bid start at $20.99. This was sold the very next day off the "Buy it now" price and come to find out, after asking the post office how much it would cost to ship that from NC to Kansas, they said it may very well be about $30.00. Swing weighs in at 25LBS

At the end I might of just made on $20 dollars on this, when I have only had it maybe 9 months and it cost $113 brand new.

My first qyestion is:
Where did I go wrong?
How could a great seller made great money off this item?
Does "free shipping" attract a buyers eyes?