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    I recently bought an item that was advertised for $34.99, however the shipping on the item is $14, however I committed to buy the item because I live a couple miles away from the location. However, now the seller is telling me that I have to pay him $10 to pick up the item. And when I questioned him he answered, you are supposed to ASK about my special pick up price, however he never advertised this price for pick up. Should I file a claim against him to drop his price to the original price? Please feel free to comment.

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    Just have him ship the item to you. It'll take only 1 or 2 days at the most for you to receive it since your only miles away.
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      How seller can proove that product was DELIVERED if he sent First class USPS? No signature of delivery, no tracking?


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        If he put local pickup available in his auction, he should allow such though it is a pain. I won't do it myself

        Otherwise he can charge you $omething ($10 in this case) because that mirrors the contract which intended to charge you around that much.

        I am not sure EBAY allows an additional handling fee for pick up or not, but it should have been stated in the auction (if so)
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          On my listings I state the amount I charge for local pickup. Local pickup costs the seller money too - in time, and transportation (gas, etc.) costs. It's more of a pain to set up a meet with someone than to drive to the post office to ship a package.
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