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3 paypal accounts limited permanently - what will happen after 180 days?

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  • 3 paypal accounts limited permanently - what will happen after 180 days?

    I hope someone can help.

    My husband has an Ebay account he sells on every now and then and is a Powerseller (because anyone can really become one these days). He has his own Paypal account. Just before Christmas he sold an item which was then returned to him as the person was not 100% happy, fair enough. They opened a Paypal dispute and posted the item back. My husband had already withdrawn the money so when item was returned there was almost 0 balance so the account went into a negative balance of approx $250. As we were just about to go on a holiday we didn't think any more of it and just thought we would reimburse Paypal on his next Ebay sale.

    Big Mistake! When we come back from our holidays his account has been permanently limited and my 2 Paypal accounts have also been permanently limited. One is a personal account I use for purchases and have sold few items. The other one is a Paypal account I use on my Ebay account (also Powerseller) and I have had both of these for few years without any issues.

    I would really like to resolve these and at least get my Paypal accounts back. Husband doesn't care about his account as he's finished with Ebay for good.

    I'm happy to pay back the money owed but I want to make sure after doing so Paypal will re-open my Paypal account. Should I just pay the money and call Paypal? ...or should they automatically re-open the accounts after 180 days....after owing money has been paid of course?

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    You need tech support. Please PM me.

    When an account is permanently limited, it will not be reinstated after 180 days. What happens after 180 days is that usually you will be able to withdraw what is left of the money in the account, after refunds and chargebacks.
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