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Paypal limit and eventual ban for 180 days with all positive feedback!

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  • Paypal limit and eventual ban for 180 days with all positive feedback!

    So I created a PayPal and ebay account about 4 maybe 5 months back I simply started buying to begin with but the I started selling some things I didn't need... The first few sales of course come with the 21 day hold to prove the item was shipped etc, I always uploaded tracking and all the sales went great with excellent feedback, then about two or three weeks ago I sold two iphones for a quick $800 bucks of course another 21 day hold items shipped, delivered and another happy buyer, positive feedback left and so on... Then I log on and bam my account is limited and they needed verification, I sent in my drivers licsense, proof I shipped items and pictures of the phones etc, then a few hours later I get a notice my account is suspended for 180 days no questions asked...I contacted paypal once asking why and they couldn't give me a explanation... So now here I am still tuck with $800 bucks tied up for no reason! Any suggestions I need some tech support...Thanks... New to the site here also lol

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    Welcome to Modeeworld!

    So it sounds like your PayPal is limited, but what is the status of your eBay?
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      Ebay is perfectly fine


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        It's just the PayPal for some odd reason, I'm assuming maybe it was to new and I had sold stuff to quickly and had a couple transactions that were a couple hundred bucks... Idk it's Confusing and frustrating..


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          Contact me for tech support, via PM.

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        Thanks PM SENT