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  • What is the Short List? - Modee One on One Tech Support

    Only Modee is authorized to provide paid tech support. If you have been approached by anyone else trying to get your money, this is not condoned by the forum. Please forward any such offers to the Moderators.

    Modee one on one tech support - I am the guy you need to call, when you wish you didn't have to call anyone!

    What is the Short List? I have my own Short List (not really so short - over 130 (yes ONE HUNDRED THIRTY) MSFT WORD pages,
    (UPDATED NOTE: when originally written in 2009, the Short List was some 14 pages long and in 2016, it is over 130 pages long)
    and updated and extended almost every day) for help on EBAY and PayPal. This Short List (SL) is included with the tech support topic of: creation of new untraceable, unlinkable EBAY + PayPal accounts.

    The topic addressed primarily in the Short List is Creation of new untraceable/unlinkable EBAY + PayPal accounts.
    Untraceable / unlinkable means cannot be traced back to or linked with any prior account, cannot be traced back to or linked with any other account you might create to run at the same time - IF you follow my techniques.

    Other benefits of following my Short List (SL) for creating new accounts are that your accounts will stay up the maximum amount of time possible, and delay the PayPal limitation and SS # request as long as possible if you are in the US, and at least delay the limitation and request for verifying docs if you are outside of the US.

    The latest version of the Short List includes how to get approved for eBay Managed Payments
    eBay Managed Payments - transition away from PayPal transition away from integrated credit card payments March 1, 2019 - Free EBAY, PayPal, Business and Law Forums - Ebay Suspension, PayPal Limited
    even on a stealth eBay account.

    You will also learn in the Short List how to overcome selling limits.

    A lot of people think they know how to create accounts properly, but after reviewing my over 130 page Short List and doing tech support with me they realize that there was a tragic difference between the way they were doing it, and the way I recommend doing it.

    Keep in mind that with Modee tech support - the written materials are just PART of what you get. You also get Modee's undivided attention one on one. What you don't get is some ancient outdated work written in a vacuum, with no tech support, where you are on your own once you purchase the ebook.

    With Modee tech support, as I use my own Ebay and PayPal accounts, and work with clients, I UPDATE the Short List to integrate and combat any new issues that arise. The PROBLEM with all of the other "stealth guides" is that after you pay for them, they are merely shoved at you with no further tech support, and since the people who write these things are not working with their clients, they have no idea what sort of roadblocks arise and cannot therefore update their work quickly to reflect the ever changing EBay and PayPal worlds.

    There is so much more to the Short List though than just new account creation (and even this topic is so vast, that the detail in the Short List makes it an encyclopedic topic in itself) - it also teaches you how to maximize your revenue on your listings and avoid trouble with Ebay by keeping your listings up for the maximum amount of time, and offers you, for those interested, the fundamentals of how to sell on Ebay WITHOUT PayPal, that annoying Ebay owned company that adds another set of Ebay eyes to those watching over you.

    The Short List also includes inside information about Ebay and PayPal gleaned from legal subpoenas laid on Ebay and PayPal over the years. Yes, that's right, it teaches you what Ebay and PayPal know about you, how they retain information about you, and WHAT they retain (and do not retain!).

    One tech support client referred to the Short List as the "Holy Grail" of EBAY and PayPal information.

    Seriously I rewrite and add to my Short List every day. It is a living breathing document, almost a work of art. Well, maybe THAT is going too far...but in any case what I mean is that it is not something I wrote months ago that I am shoveling out to people now in lieu of tech support. It represents tech support. It represents trial and error, and the sum of everything I am doing on a daily basis regarding EBAY and PayPal.

    The Short List is the foundation of all knowledge on Ebay and PayPal.

    You must agree that all information we share, all advice I give you, is confidential and will not be revealed to any other party. This confidentiality works both ways. Thank you.

    The way tech support works is that you private message (PM) me. Until you have officially engaged me, all correspondence will be via PM on the forum as we discuss your important issue. Once you become my client, we will switch to email.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support

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    Modee also provides tech support on creation of untraceable/unlinkable accounts on AMAZON, as well as, of course, tech support to get your Ebay, Amazon and Google Checkout accounts UNsuspended, and PayPals DE-limited.
    Please read the forum rules before you post.

    And if you need extra help:
    Modee Tech Support


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      Is there a way to purchase the short list? Is there a link - I didn't see it when I clicked on the link for Short List


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        Yes, please just send me a PM and I will contact you about it, and get you a copy.

        The main reason I don't post the Short List for simple download, is that the Short List comes included with Modee tech support, which means that you get the document plus one-on-one tech help to make sure you use it properly, and that any questions you have on new account creation are answered.
        Please read the forum rules before you post.

        And if you need extra help:
        Modee Tech Support


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          Also interested in Short List

          hello again

          I am also interested in the short list , please let me know .

          Thank you very much !


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            how to get paid help


            i am a top rated powerseller on ebay with 100% feedback nearly 5000 feedback
            on the 6th january i had a message from ebay T&S saying i have enfringed apple copyright just for selling iphone cases with no writing or logo on.
            They took 2 items off, i had 4 items on so i myself de-listed the other 2 on the 6th.

            On the 9th i had a message saying they have taken 2 items off ebay today for infringement BUT i took these items off ebay on the 6th Jan not the T&S as they said on the 9th Jan

            They then indefinetly restricted my selling which is very harsh
            i have tried speaking to ebay customer support and they actually agree with me and said they will forward to T&S team for me

            Regards Mark


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              Once I purchase the short list, when will I receive it??


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                I have been out of town on a family emergency. Back now - will attend to all tech support business. Thanks for your patience.

                Please read the forum rules before you post.

                And if you need extra help:
                Modee Tech Support


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                  Short List Review

                  I just purchased Modee's Short List on 2/17. Within an hour it was delivered to my email address. Crazy fast service!

                  I began reading the Intro and right away I knew Modee knew what he is talking about. The Short List BLOWS away Aspkin's eBay Stealth book. Just after reading a few pages of the Short List, the eBay Aspkin Stealth book seems like it was written by a child!

                  Modee goes into such great detail on how to create the account from scratch, how to operate them properly and most importantly - how to avoid your eBay/PayPal account from being suspended.

                  This book is 160+ pages long and has 100x better info than any other place on the net. Trust me - I've been stealth for over 1.5 years and I've learned many new things from this Short List.

                  This is a must read if you want to build accounts that last. With all this info Modee has in the Short List you would think he works for eBay or PayPal. It's incredible and I recommend to any one.


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                    Modee sent you a PM. Am in need of tech support to help my parents


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                      Greetings. I have a problem. My Paypal account blocked. On it were money. But I was informed that I will be able to withdraw money only after 180 days.
                      Is there a way to get the money now? What do I do? My appeal rejected 3 times. Please, help!


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                        I'm curious about this to. Someone said you can get the money after 45 days? Does the short list discuss selling limits?


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                          interested in short list as well. pm me


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                            I need tech support to get on ebay paypal thanks



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                              I would like the short list also .