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How much feedback does Amazon consider 'sufficient'?

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  • How much feedback does Amazon consider 'sufficient'?

    If you've spent any time selling on Amazon you know feedback is everything. The message 'your sales are not supported by sufficient buyer feedback' is a common one.

    The issue is most Amazon buyers are nothing like eBay and few leave feedback even if you send multiple requests. So what rate of receiving feedback is sufficient per your sales volume? 5% of your orders? 10% of your orders?

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    Product reviews are looked at carefully when it comes to generic products to figure out if the item even works, but otherwise it depends on WHAT is being sold - someone buying say, an Apple MacBook Pro, or anything that is standard looks at one thing only - PRICE. Buyers on AMZN know that they have an A-Z Guarantee and will get all their money back if the item is not shipped or the wrong item is shipped so they don't even worry about feedback on those types of items.

    So, what are you selling? Are you selling a MacBook Pro, or a generic product?
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      Product reviews are different to seller feedback.

      My point is Amazon expects sellers to attain a minimum of feedback per number of orders. In reality few Amazon buyers leave feedback at all, and are more likely to leave negative feedback if they have a complaint than they are to leave positive feedback if all is well.

      What I'm getting at is for every 10 orders, do they expect at least 1 or 2 or how many to leave you feedback?